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Share an Application

You can use Application Sharing to demonstrate or collaborate using a live application or document. You and others in the meeting can take turns making changes to the underlying application or document. To share an application you must have presenting rights and have the application running on your computer.

Share an application or document

Click on the “App Sharing” tab in the Materials Pane, located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Select one of the applications from the list or, if you prefer, select “Desktop” to share your whole desktop. Then click “Start Sharing”. This enters you into application sharing mode with a full screen view of the shared application.

Tip: You can share 2 or more applications without sharing your entire desktop by pressing your CTRL key while selecting them in the list!

To end sharing the application, return to the Participant application by clicking the "To Interwise" button on the application sharing toolbar (below), then select Stop Sharing.

Using the application sharing toolbar

When you begin application sharing, a small toolbar appears in the upper right corner of the screen. This toolbar allows you to do the following:

Navigation: click the “To Interwise” button to navigate back to the controls in the Participant application. You will use this to stop the application sharing.

Remote Control: To allow other participants the right to modify or control the active application: Click on the head icon, select the participant you want to enable, and select "Give Remote Control". You can take back control temporarily by moving your mouse. You can take back control permanently by clicking the head icon and selecting “Stop Remote Control” for that person.

Mute: click the “Mute” button to Mute/Unmute yourself

Answer Chat Note: A flashing light alerts you to a new chat note. Simply click on the Note icon from the application sharing toolbar to respond

End Application Sharing: click the “To Interwise” button to return to the Participant application, then select “Stop Sharing”.

Tip: You can assign hot keys to end sharing and to stop remote control.  From the participant menu go to File/Options and select the application sharing tab. Assign your preferred keys under the “Hot Keys” section.