AT&T Connect Participant Application

AT&T Connect Participant Application (v8.8.53) -- (October, 2009)

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The Participant application is neccessary to host and participate during AT&T Connect web conferences. The application allows you to load, annotate and share files on a common whiteboard, tour the web, poll the participants, record (if permitted), control event settings and much more.  As a presenter, you are provided additional event level settings that can be controlled with the Participant application.


The Participant application will also set up a My AT&T application (with a shortcut on your desktop and system tray) that allows registered users (with host accounts) to easily connect to events on the AT&T Connect service and to your own reservationless Meeting Room.  In order to activate your My AT&T, a registration link must be provided to registered users on the service. Contact your service's adminstrator for more details.


System Requirements:

Operating Systems:

- Windows 2000 – English only
- Windows XP – English only
- Windows Vista – English only


- Microsoft Internet Explorer V6 , V7 or V8
- Firefox V2.0 and V3.0

Office: (required for on-line insert of office materials)

- Office XP, 2003 and 2007 or IBM (Lotus) Notes 6.5 and above


- 800 MHz processor - 32bit or 64bit CPU (Recommended: 1 GHz or faster)
- 256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 or higher)
- Monitor with 800 X 600 resolution or higher
- Monitor with High Color (16 bit) display definition
- Telephone or Headset or microphone and speakers (the use of PC-audio maybe supressed by your administrator)

Disk Space:

- 12 MB for the Participant application installation.
- 50 MB set aside for Event Materials (Recommended: 100 MB). This setting is configurable.

TCP/IP intranet access or modem Internet access:

- PC and telephone ≥ 64Kb and above
- Video (PC) ≥ 512Kb

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End User System Requirements

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Previous Versions


Participant Application Ver. 8.2.28 (Oct.08)

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