Service Overview

AT&T Connect provides tools for visual presentation, remote collaboration and voice conferencing. The best-of-breed virtual meeting space lets users easily share voice and data using existing Internet and telephone resources. Users join AT&T Connect virtual web meetings by phone, by computer or with both phone and PC. 

Users can schedule and access AT&T Connect web conferences directly from their myAT&T desktop application, Outlook/Notes calendars or from messaging tools like Office Communicator or IBM Sametime.

Value & Benefits

  • Integrated Web Conferencing with the AT&T Audio Conferencing services
  • Rich set of integrated features
  • Unified provisioning process
  • Single bill for both Audio & Web conferencing


  • Global IP-based audio-conferencing services with in-country dial-in access from over 140 countries, with in-language support, when available
  • Integrated provisioning of both audio & web conferencing accounts (if selected)
  • Integrated billing on a single service
  • Each user receives dedicated dial-in numbers (toll-free and caller paid) and access codes
  • myAT&T desktop application for hosts allows - easy entrance to meetings, scheduling, invitation of others
  • Microsoft Outlook & Office Communicator plugins for easy scheduling, entry into events
  • Security features include assigned password and conference lock
  • Call me and dial-out features from the Web interface
  • Integrated controls for both Web & audio interfaces (mute, expel, invite others and more)
  • Broadcast mode automatically mutes everyone from the PC
  • Presentations on the interactive whiteboard
  • Speaker identification
  • File on-the-fly insert
  • Application Sharing, including remote control
  • Polls, surveys and tests
  • Web tours
  • Host optional settings (lets meetings begin and/or continue with or without host)


Q: When is version 8.5 available?

A: Version 8.5 is available as of November, 2008.


Q: Must a customer be signed up on AT&T teleconferencing services ?

A: Yes. AT&T Conferencing Services is the audio channel for integrated AT&T Connect events.


Q: Can existing AT&T Connect customers (on version 8.2 or below upgrade to the Integrated Edition v8.5?

A: The services are different. The migration process would be manual and involve changes in both user credentials and bridge numbers.


Q: Where can I download the software and documentation?

A: Software components, user guides, administrator resources are available on this site.  Click here to access the Integrated Edition resource center.